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Products & Services

Our firm truly believes that in order to continually excel in this fast-paced, intense environment, companies require skilled business leaders who understand the dynamics of international finance, have the confidence to anticipate and mandate change, and possess the vision to recognize emerging opportunities.

At Alternative Investment Group our Primary Focus:

1. Trade Services (Electronic Goods - Mobile Phones, Audio / Video Equipment, etc.)
2. Food and Confectionery Items
3. Soft Drinks & Beverages
4. Commodities Trading (Gold Bullion, Copper, Aluminium, Iron-Ore)
5. Illiquid Investments / Distressed Assets
6. Consultancy on Corporates (Local Corporates and SME's)
7. Real Estate and Project Development
8. Private Investments

The demand in the market has created new players, which are continually altering the landscape as clients seek sustainable sources of profit and refuse to pay active management fees for market returns. Traditional long-only investment firms, hedge funds, investment banks and securities firms, institutional investors and plan sponsors, insurance companies and advisory firms are converging to offer new products, services and most times securing your assets in place. The growing need for liquid capital increases; by using our platform, we may be able to assists you with that security, and provide the cash-flow required to successfully grow your company.

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