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What of our Values ?

We at Alternative Investments Group, value Our Ethics, Our Integrity, Our Compassion, Our Quality, and Our Standards of Behavior. These values resonate from our staff as well our clients. Our strong beliefs make us proud to work side by side with our colleagues and our business partners to achieve our goals and values.


The Vision of Alternative Investments Group

Where are we going? What difference will we make? How do we want to be remembered? Is it realistic and achievable? Is it written down and published and understood? Our answer: "Our vision is always changing with the times. We are still learning as we grow, as we move forward with our partners we realize there is a lot more that we could do. Will all of our dreams come true… most likely it will not, but our corporate direction will remain constant; our direction is forward and towards tomorrow, which will be a better day." – Group Director –


Question a Question is our Strategy

How will we achieve our goal(s)? What needs to happen in order to achieve the things we plan? What are the effects on us/clients and from where? Like planning a game of chess, what moves do we plan to make, why, and with what effects? How will we measure and monitor and communicate our performance? What are the criteria(s) for measuring our performance and execution of our strategies? Our answer: Is from the Fundamentals of Chess by which it states "You can only get smarter by playing a smarter opponent". Our financial analytical team does not take chances, we always assess details, and only provide results to our investments.


Our Performance Indicators

Alternative Investments Group – Targets and Objectives all translate into the essential measurable aspects of activity and performance. All these expectations, standards, 'Key Performance Indicators' (KPI's), 'Service Level Agreements' (SLA's) etc. are now keywords in corporate multinationals. However, even then, nothing is for certain. What we can assure and what we indicate to our clients is; 'by working with us, we always deliver results.'

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